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We work closely with our clients to deliver impactful, bold, and modular Odoo implements to diverse consumer markets and niche segments. These are some success stories from around the world.

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OutDesk BPO Realizes a 50% increase in Productivity

OutDesk, operating as a shared service of the KDG Group, serves as the conglomerate's internal hub for business process outsourcing (BPO) across various sectors. Established in 1998, OutDesk plays a pivotal role in providing crucial back-office support, including finance and HR functions, for the KDG Group, a global entity with a workforce exceeding 600 employees. OutDesk operates primarily in Sri Lanka, where it employs approximately 185 staff members. This strategic positioning enables OutDesk to facilitate and streamline the KDG Group's extensive operations in Japan, UAE and African markets.

This case study explores the challenges faced by the Spares Division of OutDesk BPO prior to implementing the Odoo ERP system, the solutions provided by Centrics, and the improvements achieved post-implementation.

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Brewing Up a Tea Storm - Automating 150+ years old Tea Industry with odoo™ ERP

RTS Group, a leading producer and supplier of Ceylon tea, has been a key contributor to the progress of the tea industry in Sri Lanka for over three decades. It is known for its finest range of tea in both domestic and international markets. RTS also has diversified interests across engineering, construction, trading, hospitality, and leisure. Odoo has delivered a unique value proposition to RTS Group with its single, affordable and modular solution.

With an Odoo ERP implementation integrated manufacturing and production management, supply chain optimization, fleet maintenance, employee management, and more, the RTS Group reported a 15 % reduction in wastage and inefficiencies along with a notable increase in profit margins, securing an early mover business advantage in the Sri Lankan tea market.

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Aiken Elevates Customer Service and Warranty Benchmarks with Odoo™ ERP


With long-standing expertise and experience of 25 years, Aiken is a name to reckon with in the B2B consumer durables market in Sri Lanka. It provides state-of-the-art equipment and engineering solutions to the banking, telecommunications, and electronics industries. It has partnered with some of the world’s leading companies to offer banking, Point of Sale (POS), office automation, network, and IT solutions to its customers.

Following a successful Odoo implementation and business transition of integrated Warranty and Help Desk Management, Service Order Management, Machine Maintenance, and much more, Aiken has reported a 50% improvement in the warranty and service standards. Staff efficiency and effectiveness have also increased by 20%.


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Centrics Business Solutions enables process automation and increased efficiency for NutriJay Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd

Centrics Business Solutions (Pvt) Ltd provided comprehensive technological support and process automation to NutriJay Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd, a results-driven manufacturer in the Dairy Industry.

The backbone of Sri Lanka’s economy is its MSMEs, which account for 90% of all businesses in the country, provides 45% of employment, and contribute 52% to the nation’s GDP. MSMEs especially benefit from optimizing their operations and streamlining workflows by employing digital transformation and proactive resource planning.

Within the course of three months, Centrics implemented Odoo ERP solutions, to support NutriJay in better managing its manufacturing, supply chain, sales process, franchise operations, and distribution operations.

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Everbolt Engineering Utilizes Odoo Enterprise to Optimize Operations and Improve Customer Service

Everbolt Engineering is a growing engineering business with offices in Maldives and Sri Lanka. Established in 2015, Everbolt provides a wide range of engineering products and services, including electrical panels, hardware, machine manufacturing, process plant equipment, and machine servicing. 

Everbolt Engineering faced a significant challenge in managing multiple databases that were unable to integrate with each other. The company needed a comprehensive solution that could handle all aspects of its business, from manufacturing, purchasing, and inventory management to CRM, sales, accounting, HR management, and payroll. The goal was to gain more visibility into the company's operations and data and derive actionable insights from it.

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Davnik Distributors Achieves 30% Increase in Fiscal Efficiency by Streamlining Wholesale Operations with Odoo ERP

Davnik Distributors is a wholesale distribution company in Sri Lanka, specializing in the distribution of products for JAT Holdings and PD Lite. The company however faced several challenges, including difficulties in cash collection, tracking sales operations of their reps, and meeting key performance indicators (KPIs). To overcome these obstacles, Davnik collaborated with Centrics to streamline their inventory management system and advance their financial and accounting management with the implementation and adoption of Odoo ERP.

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