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Built on the industry’s best technology platform and born to empower organizations with business intelligence, automation, integration, and excellence - Odoo ERP was innovated to adapt and succeed in a wide cross-section of industries and vertices.


 Future-proof Technology

Odoo’s modular platform, the customizability, and scalability of its of business applications cater to the unique needs of varying business functions, departments, and sectors. 

 Tailor-made Solution

Build tailor-made applications with Odoo Studio, add custom fields, and create links and relationships between interrelated modules and functionalities. Gain business insights with custom dashboards, conditional formatting, filters, and smart calculations.

Scalable Applications 

Odoo was built to support digital transformation, emerging technologies, and the evolving business landscape, easily scale your technology investment as your business grows and demands shift.

Odoo Industry Solutions

Odoo was built with scalability, customizability, and intuitivity in mind. Enabling clients from a diverse range of industries, sectors, business functions, and specializations to derive value, optimize operations, and accelerate growth with our technology.



Hotel Management

Equipment Rental

Property Management 


Food and Beverage

Integrated Solutions

Extend Odoo’s functionality with integrated pre-built software solutions. 

Payment Gateway

Integrating with Odoo payment gateways provides convenience to your customers by allowing them to complete transactions in their local currencies, securely and reliably.

SMS Gateway

Use traditional methods of communication. Send SMSs to your clients using your brand name, or automate messages for the 
highest response rate.

Biometric Devices

ntegrate your Odoo HR modules with Biometric Devices to streamline the HR process, track attendance, and monitor time stamps.

Third-Party Shipping

Integrating with Odoo Third-party Shipping provides you with real-time data so you can track shipments and check order status, 

WhatsApp Gateway

Integrate with the cross-platform centralized messaging and voice-over-IP service with your Odoo platform for direct communication with customers and increased brand engagement.

POS Implementations

Integrate your Odoo with POS terminals and stations to create an impactful back-end for managing inventory, updating stock levels, tracking orders, and maintaining an extensive customer database.

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