OutDesk BPO Realizes a 50% increase in Productivity


OutDesk, operating as a shared service of the KDG Group, serves as the conglomerate's internal hub for business process outsourcing (BPO) across various sectors. Established in 1998, OutDesk plays a pivotal role in providing crucial back-office support, including finance and HR functions, for the KDG Group, a global entity with a workforce exceeding 600 employees. OutDesk operates primarily in Sri Lanka, where it employs approximately 185 staff members. This strategic positioning enables OutDesk to facilitate and streamline the KDG Group's extensive operations in Japan, UAE and African markets.

This case study explores the challenges faced by the Spares Division of OutDesk BPO prior to implementing the Odoo ERP system, the solutions provided by Centrics, and the improvements achieved post-implementation.

Challenges Faced

Prior to adopting Odoo, the Spares Division encountered a number of operational hurdles:

Firstly, the company struggled with the constraints of an accounting software that was not well-suited to manage the complexities of its operations. The absence of an integrated system resulted in disjointed processes, fostering inefficiencies across various departments.

Critical tasks such as managing sales and purchase orders were laboriously executed through Excel sheets. This manual approach not only hindered workflow but also introduced frequent errors, jeopardizing the accuracy of records. The demanding process of manually inputting data into Excel, and subsequently into accounting software aggravated errors and inconsistencies. Verifying data accuracy demanded exhaustive checks, consuming valuable time and often leading to operational delays.

Additionally, the manual management of part numbers within Excel proved error-prone, especially given the disparate literacy levels among staff across the spares group. This contributed to the recording of incorrect part numbers, causing confusion and impeding order processing.

Another challenge revolved around identifying dead stock and assessing its value. The absence of a robust inventory tracking system left the Spares Division struggling to manage stock levels effectively, resulting in instances of overstocking and stockouts.

Implementation of Odoo

The Spares Division chose to implement the Odoo ERP system to overcome these challenges, guided by recommendations from colleagues familiar with Odoo's capabilities. They selected Centrics, the leading Odoo Gold partner in Sri Lanka, for their expertise and proven track record in successful implementations.

Centrics implemented several key solutions to address the challenges faced by the Spares Division:

Enhanced Stock Management: Before implementing Odoo, the Spares Division faced significant challenges in managing inventory, particularly in identifying and valuing dead stock. The lack of visibility into the age of inventory led to inefficient management practices and financial losses. To address these issues, Centrics developed a stock aging system designed to enhance the Spares Division's ability to efficiently identify and manage dead stock. This system provided real-time insights into the age of inventory, improving inventory management and decision-making processes. With the new stock aging system, OutDesk could swiftly identify slow-moving or obsolete stock, enabling informed decisions regarding discounts, promotions, or write-offs to clear dead stock. As a result, this system not only reinforced inventory turnover but also contributed to reducing holding costs and optimizing warehouse space.

Backdate Entries: Centrics implemented a feature allowing for backdated entries, enabling the Spares Division to input inventory and financial transactions with accurate dates. This ensured precise recording of stock movements and financial activities, improving the reliability of historical data. Additionally, Centrics implemented an Excel upload function, enabling the Spares Division to upload sales and purchase orders with back dates directly from Excel sheets. This streamlined data entry reduced manual input time and enhanced overall efficiency and accuracy.

Dynamic Dashboard: Centrics developed a user-friendly dashboard that consolidated critical data and reports into one accessible interface. This dashboard provided real-time data visualization and reporting, a consolidated view of key performance indicators (KPIs), and easy access to financial, sales, and inventory data from a single interface. Previously, accessing critical business data required navigating through multiple systems and spreadsheets, which was both time-consuming and error-prone. The unified dashboard significantly improved the ability of managers to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently, enhancing overall business agility.

Comprehensive ERP Capabilities: The new system allowed for seamless navigation across different business units (SBUs), streamlining operations and reducing the time spent on administrative tasks. Odoo’s seamless navigation feature enabled users to switch between tasks and modules with a single click, eliminating the need to log in and out of different modules. This improved the user experience significantly and enhanced overall productivity.

Automated Processes: Centrics implemented an automated reporting system that instantly generated financial and operational reports, accurately reflecting transactions in both local and foreign currencies. Additionally, the system offered customizable report templates to meet specific business needs. This streamlined process not only saved time but also enhanced the accuracy of financial reporting, ultimately aiding in better decision-making.

Training and Support: Centrics provided extensive training and round-the-clock support to ensure smooth adoption and operation of the new system. This included addressing any issues that arose during the transition and providing ongoing assistance to maximize the benefits of the system. The comprehensive training and support ensured that the Spares Division could fully leverage the Odoo system and continuously improve their operations.

Results and Benefits

The implementation of Odoo by Centrics led to several significant improvements for the Spares Division of OutDesk BPO:

  • Increased Efficiency: Automation of manual processes reduced time consumption and increased operational efficiency. Tasks that previously took hours could now be completed in minutes, freeing up staff to focus on more strategic activities.
  • Improved Accuracy: The reduction of human errors in data entry and reporting ensured more reliable and accurate information. This improved the overall quality of the data, leading to better business decisions.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making: The stock aging system, automated reports, and dashboard insights provide valuable information into inventory management, procurement, sales, and finance, aiding in better decision-making.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive interface and easy navigation improved user experience and productivity. Staff found the system easy to use, which reduced the learning curve and increased adoption rates.


The implementation of the Odoo ERP system by Centrics transformed the Spares Division’s operations. By addressing critical challenges and improving efficiency, accuracy, and decision-making processes, Odoo has become an integral part of the Spares Division’s business operations. This successful implementation showcases the potential of tailored Odoo ERP solutions in optimizing business processes and driving growth.


"The integration of Odoo ERP, facilitated by Centrics, has been a game-changer for the Spares Division of OutDesk BPO. We've observed a 50% increase in productivity, thanks to the significant time savings in preparing monthly accounts. Odoo has streamlined processes by reducing the reliance on Excel for stock and invoice reconciliation, and it has provided a robust platform for identifying dead stock and slow-moving inventory through the aging report. The support from Centrics, particularly during the critical discovery and implementation phases, was exceptional and greatly appreciated." – Zameeth Ameer, Senior Accountant – UAE & African Continent, Spares Division of OutDesk BPO.