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Odoo provides all the tools you need to create a highly functional, unique website, without the need for in-depth technical knowledge. Get access to beautiful, mobile-responsive templates, seamless drag and drop, and unlimited customization. Whether it's at a pop-up shop or your online store, never miss a sale.

Interactive, functional, and mobile-friendly Websites

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Seamless integration with departments such as sales, recruitment, social marketing,or inventory for automated updates and better fluidity of workflows.
Countless standard and out-of-the-box, custom themes that offer smart color preset, animations, and gradients, simply drag and drop building blocks of business features to configure the content and layout of your website. ​
Millions of copyright-free photos, videos, and illustrations that are optimized for speed.
Boost traffic and increase engagement with built-in SEO tools.
Interactive dashboards to track visitors in real-time for instant connectivity via push notifications, live chat, social posts, SMS, email, and more.

Open Source and Business Ready

Live Chat

Convert visitors into leads. Chat with visitors instantly or use the Odoo bot to answer when you are not online

In-built Customer Portal

Give customers instant access to related information such as invoices, support tickets, orders, delivery updates etc.

Free Hosting

Hosting is 100% free, without Ads or limits!


Manage and maintain multiple websites on the same Odoo platform and easily share products between websites.


Translations made easy with online translation and detection of visitor language with GeoIP.

Robust Ecommerce Platform

Odoo provides fully customizable product pages and themes that allow you to create professional designs that uniquely showcase your products. Edit product pages with ease, highlight your inventory, and add product variants such as size, color, or style for easy navigation and display of information.

Integrate your eCommerce platform with inventory, invoicing, and sales for easy maintenance of sales orders via automated stock adjustments and reporting. Dedicated customer portals helps keep customer data organized with order tracking and claims.


One-stop-shop for Online Businesses  

Marketing Optimized

Boost sales with cross-selling and upselling opportunities, automatically suggesting product accessories or alternatives on product pages, in the cart, or at checkout.


Allow customers to pay with Paypal, Ingenico, Adyen, Buckaroo,, PayUmoney, Stripe, and SIPS Worldline, or create your own payment methods.


Speed up your shipment process and track orders with easy integrations with major shipping carriers. Get delivery costs computed automatically using Odoo's embed Delivery Method configurator.

Automated Campaigns

Create customized email templates and trigger marketing automation on abandoned carts, and send promotional offers to your customers.


Create custom dashboards to analyze sales and partner performance, get visual insights on orders to invoice, payments to receive, and shoppers to revive. Integrate with Google Analytics for information on user demographics and acquisition channels.

Why Odoo?


Have complete control over the layout and branding of your website. Always get the best color combination with smart color presets, apply color gradients for texts, or button colors. Enhance building blocks with shapes, and animate blocks, texts, and backgrounds with impressive effects.


The seamless integration setup Odoo offers ties all sales data to inventory controls, supply chain management, manufacturing, marketing campaigns, analytics, and delivery schedules. Ensuring fluidity of business workflows with accuracy in sales orders and customer management.


Odoo`s UTM trackers provide you with the geolocation and lead source of visitors who use your website, ensuring web visitors are no longer an anonymous crowd. Create automated email campaigns, enable live chat, and even receive push notifications when a valuable account visits your site.

Increase Sales with a Visually Stunning 
and Functionally Optimized Website

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