Davnik Distributors Achieves 30% Increase in Fiscal Efficiency by Streamlining Wholesale Operations with Odoo ERP


Davnik Distributors is a wholesale distribution company in Sri Lanka, specializing in the distribution of products for JAT Holdings and PD Lite. The company however faced several challenges, including difficulties in cash collection, tracking sales operations of their reps, and meeting key performance indicators (KPIs). To overcome these obstacles, Davnik collaborated with Centrics to streamline their inventory management system and advance their financial and accounting management with the implementation and adoption of Odoo ERP.

Business Challenge

Davnik Distributors faced significant challenges in collecting cash from retailers promptly and accurately. Despite their efforts, they struggled to keep track of payments made by retailers and monitor any outstanding payments effectively, which affected their overall financial stability. Moreover, they found it challenging to track operations of their sales reps, including daily sales, daily targets, and location tracking. These challenges ultimately impacted the company's bottom line.


To streamline its business operations and enhance its financial integrity, Davnik Distributors implemented Odoo Sales, Purchase, Inventory Accounting, and Petty Cash modules. The accounting module facilitated cash collection, Davnik could track postdated cheques, view pending returns and realized cheques/cash in real time.

Additionally, Centrics delivered a custom module and mobile application that enabled decision-makers, functional finance and sales teams to obtain instant, visual insights into payment collection, cash flow management, and sales performance, while monitoring the progress of its sales reps.

Davnik's sales reps could easily access stock in real-time, record sales, and track cash collection with the mobile application. A comprehensive dashboard analysis provided a summary of collections received in the given month, targeted total for all receivables, overdue collections from the past month, collection commitments, total accounts receivable, cheques in hand, and payments due in the current month.


The implementation of Odoo ERP, the custom module, and mobile application delivered by Centrics streamlined the operations of Davnik Distributors. The company was able to achieve its sales targets, reduce costs, monitor customer visits, and even track the route taken by their sales reps. Moreover, senior management is able to access the mobile application from anywhere to approve tasks and access important information. This level of accessibility increases their efficiency and productivity, promotes better communication and collaboration with remote team members, and provides real-time updates for informed decision-making.

Davnik Distributors increased its operational and fiscal efficiency by 30%, its sales reps became more productive and efficient, and the cash collection process became smoother and more accurate.

"We are extremely happy with the implementation of Odoo ERP, the custom module and mobile application delivered by Centrics. These solutions have helped us increase our operational and fiscal efficiency by 30%. The visual insights provided by the custom dashboard have been extremely useful in helping Davnik make informed decisions.” - Mr. Dharshaka Rupasinghe, Managing Director, Davnik Distributors.