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Servicing Business

Odoo supports business managers and servicing experts with a configuration of applications that meet the operational requirements of the demanding service industry. Create new field service tasks, assign technicians to tickets, manage the timesheets of each technician, track task progress, and more. ​


Empower your workforce​​

Empower field technicians to conduct installation and maintenance tasks with ease, save on costs associated with route management, start service orders with timesheets, capture expense receipts, complete tasks from any device, and finalize invoices in real time.​ 

 User-based licensing ​

Extend Odoo’s user-friendly and interactive applications to remote workers, technicians, vendors, delivery agents, HR representatives, and even customers. Empowering stakeholders with detailed information on servicing processes, task pipelines, service schedules, and billing details.​

Monitor Service Progress ​

Odoo’s modular ERP solution integrates quotation submission, service appointments, dispatch scheduling, fleet maintenance, equipment management, inventory, procurement, and financial applications. ​

Odoo Applications that support 
Servicing Businesses

 A suite of service management applications for field services. When your technicians are onsite, service excellence and streamlined 
operations are key to customer satisfaction. Your tools should be as intuitive and mobile as you are.

Field Services

Provide quotations, schedule appointments, prioritize, assign, and schedule tasks to technicians with a simple drag and drop. Integrate with Google Maps to plan routes effectively, monitor task progress, track working time with an integrated time-tracker, and sell servicing materials on the field. Automate invoices based on timesheets or inventory sold with smart calculations, and sign reports electronically onsite. ​


Send polished and professional quotations instantly using Odoo’s email gateway. Keep records of all communication on Odoo’s platform and build custom alerts for appointments scheduled or quotes approved. Even give customers access to their quotations, appointment schedules, and service orders. Monitor a KPI dashboard to get insights on total amounts invoiced, churn, and sales per team or location.​


Issue clear and professional invoices in minutes, send the print copy by post or the PDF document through Odoo’s email gateway. Allow your customer to pay in their currency with Odoo’s automatic currency converter. Easily issue credit notes and manage reimbursements. Create recurring invoices per contract specifications.


Improve onsite performance with real-time stock calculations, efficient stocking methods, and optimized internal operations. Track stock moves from purchase to the warehouse, easily dispatch RFQs, and updated with real-time reports, ensuring technicians do not run low on materials vital to a repair or maintenance. ​

Help Desk

Organize, prioritize, assign, and solve tickets and tasks using Odoo’s visual Kanban view. Get a real-time overview of your technical team’s workload and track the status of each task. Create automated alerts or emails to managers at different stages of ticket resolution or problem-solving. Use the Live Chat plugin to instantly engage with customers. ​

Warranty and Service Agreement

 Manage maintenance warranties and service agreements with automated alerts and service plan schedules. Link warranty and service agreements to helpdesk tickets, log breakdowns, monitor technician work planning, and manage all service agreement invoicing in a single platform.

Spare Parts and Backup

Monitor the communications and operations of your spare parts request and replacement process with technicians' tasks analysis and accurate worksheet reports. Track inventory and service maintenance timelines in real-time for effective management of machinery stock and customer requests.


Manage vendors, track purchase orders, and improve supply chain performance. Set up procurement rules to automate inventory management based on stock levels, service orders, and logistic requirements. Import supplier price lists and make purchasing decisions based on seasonal trends and quantities. Integrate purchases with Accounting to analyze the profitability of vendor contracts. ​


Use dashboards and Gantt charts to get a neat, efficient, and visual overview of ongoing, planned, and completed tasks. Plan your technician’s schedules based on comparable tasks and estimated deadlines, more accurately. Obtain reports to compare forecasts with real timesheets for better planning and increased profitability.


The Gannt chart tool provides visual intelligence on upcoming tasks, technician assignments, and project forecasts. Create and assign shifts to technicians, avoid scheduled conflicts, and even allow technicians to view and manage their schedules. Create detailed reports based on the measures, filters, and time ranges that are relevant to your business.


Receive alerts on leave requests, allocation requests, appraisals, and more. Keep track of the technician hours worked and sort by task, client, or project. Analyze statistics on recorded timesheets and technician attendance. Integrate with Accounting to gain real-time data and reports on actual time spent on tasks and projects against profitability.

...and for extra support

Take your servicing business to the next level, manage customer data, timesheets, appointments, expenses, and more. 
Helping you plan and execute the operations of your servicing company efficiently.​


Save time approving documents, scanning vendor contracts, and recording bills. Share folders with external users and allow them to upload documents. Archive, lock and delete documents or create a custom validation process with tags and automated actions. Using the email gateway instantly share documents with colleagues, customers, or vendors.


Go paperless, and save on costs associated with printing, faxing, copying, posting, and shredding. Send, sign, and approve documents and contracts online, from anywhere. Simple prepare encrypted contracts using Odoo Documents, submit the request for signature, track the status of the document, and close the service order in just a few clicks.


Technicians can allocate and prioritize their time against the day’s tasks in advance, allowing them to log dozens of activities per day, even when the user is offline. Visualize your operational team’s progress on each task, track working hours against forecasts, monitor resources allocated, and automatically generate invoices based on working time. ​


Manage daily expenses and maintain expense records in one place. Whether it's travel expenses, mechanical costs, or servicing supplies, all receipts and expenditures can be submitted for validation or refusal in just a click. Employees can easily attach pictures of their receipts with any mobile device. Use charts to view expense records across departments, teams, and individuals.

Time Off

Allow all employees to record leave requests themselves, and set up the number of leaves allocated per capita for accurate calculations. Create dashboards for employees to view their planned leave, managers to track work schedules, and administrators to assess the productivity of the whole company.

Improving Quality Standards in the Serving Industry

Aiken Elevates Customer Service and Warranty Benchmarks with Odoo™ ERP

Aiken Pvt Ltd provides state-of-the-art equipment and engineering solutions to the banking, telecommunications, and electronics industries. It has partnered with some of the world’s leading companies to offer banking, Point of Sale (POS), office automation, network, and IT solutions.

Aiken partnered with Centrics to guide them through their transformational journey. Both companies worked together to integrate business and technology management to achieve greater flexibility, productivity, and ultimately a more enriched value stream for the services Aiken provides their customers. Odoo empowered Aiken with a fully integrated enterprise solution that served all facets of the service business processes, from integrated Warranty and Help Desk Management, Service Order Management, Machine Maintenance, Machine Replacement Management, Accounting, Inventory Control, Customer Relationship Management, and much more.​

Following the successful implementation and business transition, Aiken has reported a 50% improvement in the warranty and service standards. Staff efficiency and effectiveness have also increased by 20%.

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Odoo automates your business flows, helping you build intelligent, data-driven, multifaceted workflows that create a seamless experience for employees and speed up processes. 

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