What is Odoo ERP?

The only software solution you will ever need to help streamline and optimize business operations.
Odoo provides integrated workflows, enhanced simplicity, and is loved by over 7 million users.


Odoo is a business solution that is complex, without being complicated. This unique ERP system hosts a range of easy-to-use business applications that together form a complete suite of tools, critical to the operations of any business, across any industry. Helping millions of companies expand their business, reduce costs, and streamline operations.

The flexibility of this open-source technology is such that applications can be added-on as your company grows and as new business needs present themselves, empowering uses with the ability to evolve with new, innovative applications that meet emerging customer needs. Unmatched user experience, data security, interactive features, and functionalities have made Odoo one of the most preferred ERP solutions amongst small and enterprise-scale businesses. Apply Odoo ERP software in Sri Lanka with Centrics the Gold Odoo Partner in Sri Lanka.

Odoo’s Collection of Business Applications

Odoo offers a vast collection of applications built to support varying business-related functions and workflows such as Purchasing Management, Accounting, Finance, Manufacturing, Sales, CRM, Field Services, HRMS, Marketing, Learning, E-commerce, and more. All applications are designed to seamlessly and efficiently communicate between themselves and exchange information. Odoo also acts as a database, helping business users store all data and information in a single ecosystem that can be accessed by all employees, encouraging enhanced collaboration and transparency.

Odoo hosts two editions, its Enterprise module offers a collection of 30 main applications that are regularly upgraded. While its Community module contributes over 16,000 third-party apps and plugins that cover a wide variety of business needs. All applications can be customized to meet specific business requirements, enabling businesses to build tailored solutions to complex and intricate workflows.

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Odoo for 
Large Enterprises

Data Transparency and Accuracy

Odoo’s integrated system ensures related data is instantly shared between departments or workflows, reducing the risk of errors or data discrepancies. All departments have access to information, ensuring accuracy in decision-making, problem-solving, and allocation of resources.

Internal and External Collaboration

All data updates are tracked by user and date-stamped to help maintain transparency and obtain an overview of operations. Users can track the progress of workflows, leave notes, and send and view emails to clients or vendors.  

Dedicated Odoo Consultant

Our Odoo-certified experts have knowledge in varying industries and functional roles, backed with the skill, technical capabilities, and experience to support large-scale implementations. Your Odoo consultant will strive to learn about your business, drive adoption, and support functionality optimization and bug-fixing 

Odoo for Small & Medium Companies

The pocket-friendly ERP Solution

Odoo helps small and medium businesses start with the most basic functionalities at a minimal cost allowing them to scale up Odoo’s modules as their business needs grow. Odoo also contributes to reducing overall operating costs by streamlining systems, data, and workflows into one integrated software application.

Facilitates Decision Making

All data and insights provided by Odoo are processed in real-time, helping small businesses make timely decisions that can save them from incurring losses and missing deadlines. Enabling managers to gain a holistic view of what works and what doesn’t.

Customizable Framework

The business world is fast-changing with new trends setting in every day, small businesses especially have needs that are distinct from others. Odoo is built on a modular framework, giving businesses the freedom to develop and integrate custom functionalities required by their business, encouraging them to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the other players in the market.