Everbolt Engineering Utilizes Odoo Enterprise to Optimize 
Operations and Improve Customer Service


Overview: Everbolt Business Case

Everbolt Engineering is a growing engineering business with offices in Maldives and Sri Lanka. Established in 2015, Everbolt provides a wide range of engineering products and services, including electrical panels, hardware, machine manufacturing, process plant equipment, and machine servicing.

Everbolt Engineering faced a significant challenge in managing multiple databases that were unable to integrate with each other. The company needed a comprehensive solution that could handle all aspects of its business, from manufacturing, purchasing, and inventory management to CRM, sales, accounting, HR management, and payroll. The goal was to gain more visibility into the company's operations and data and derive actionable insights from it.


Solution: A Centralized System

Everbolt entered into a partnership with Centrics, who introduced the company to Odoo Enterprise, a comprehensive ERP software that provided a centralized platform for all aspects of the business. The Centrics team supported Everbolt throughout the implementation journey, optimizing its operations, and enabling standardized data connectivity across several business touchpoints.

The implementation of Odoo Enterprise provided Everbolt with increased visibility into its data and operations, from stock replenishment, customer credit, electronic approval procedures, inventory forecasting, document management, and more. This increased visibility allowed the company to react quickly to industry trends, be more agile in its operations, and better serve its customers. The system also enabled faster, more informed decisions based on actionable insights, from manufacturing to accounting.

Sulochana Visakesa, COO of Everbolt, expressed her satisfaction with the partnership, stating "Partnering with Centrics and implementing Odoo Enterprise has been a complete game-changer for our business. We now have a system that can handle all aspects of our operations, empowering us to streamline our workflows, react more quickly to market demands, and expedite product development. The Centrics team demonstrated an exceptional understanding of our needs and provided unwavering support throughout the implementation process."

Results: Automation & Optimization of Critical Workflows

According to Hashan Fonseka, the Business Development Manager at Everbolt, the implementation of Odoo Enterprise has significantly transformed the company's business operations. With a centralized platform for all business processes, the company can now automate daily processes such as generating quotes and invoices and have a clear record of all operations. This has resulted in hours of saved administration time and enabled the company to focus on providing exceptional services to customers and suppliers.

In addition, Odoo Enterprise has allowed Everbolt to generate actionable insights and identify KPIs that are generating a positive impact and those that are underperforming. The system has enabled the company to make better decisions and be more proactive in its operations. Everbolt is now able to react quickly to industry trends, which has made it more agile and better positioned to serve stakeholders.

Nawoda Promodinee, Senior Marketing Executive at Everbolt Engineering, further stated, “With Centrics as our partner, we've been able to stay ahead of industry trends and be more agile in our operations. The data we get from Odoo is reliable and up-to-date, making corporate planning easier and allowing us to make better decisions. Overall, Centrics' support has been invaluable in helping the company achieve its goals.”


The implementation of Odoo Enterprise has transformed the way Everbolt operates, empowering its employees to achieve more in less time and shift from a reactive to a proactive role. With Centrics' clean-cut methodologies and after-sales support, Everbolt has continuously improved and built its resilience in the local market. The company now has a centralized platform that enables fast decision-making and provides up-to-date information, crucial for sustaining its business and ensuring a seamless flow of critical operations.

Dilrukshi Rajasinghe, Finance Associate at Everbolt, said, "Centrics has helped us become more efficient and effective in all aspects of our business. Their methodologies and after-sales support have been exceptional, and we now have the resilience to thrive in the local and international market."