Trading and Distribution ERP Software Solutions

Odoo is equipped with advanced operational functionalities that seamlessly integrate and automate the entire quote-to-cash cycle, supporting multiple warehouse management. Apply Odoo ERP software system in Sri Lanka for trading and distribution industry with Centrics. ​


Manage several companies with Odoo’s multi-company rules  ​

Odoo provides ‘multi-company’ functionalities, allowing you to use a single Odoo instance to synchronize operations between different distributors or warehouses, easily configure management systems unique to the requirements of each stakeholder in your supply chain.

Integrate processes and 
streamline operations ​

Create purchasing orders and manage suppliers, inventory, and invoices for all stakeholders on the same platform. Set up permission rules to limit access to data amongst specific stakeholders and individuals.

Boost sales and evolve your distribution business 

Configure workflows that support modern API integration to vital distribution applications, helping you to function seamlessly with dedicated operation management, accurate forecasts, visual insights, and controlling tools.​

Odoo Applications that support 
Distribution Businesses​

 The complete solutions for wholesale and retail trade. Optimize your distribution operations to function 
seamlessly with dedicated operation management and controlling tools.


Manage multiple vendors on one platform. Create procurement rules and automate RFQs to vendors based on stock levels, helping you improve supply chain and inventory performance. Call for tenders, customize purchasing agreements, submit warnings, and process blocking all in one system.


Organize and coordinate between multiple warehouses with ease. Use Odoo’s barcode scanner to track product moves, serial, or lot numbers. Optimize drop-shipping and cross-docking operations with cutting-edge automation, product movement rules, and advanced routes.


Showcase your products and services with professional quotations, use Odoo Sign to allow customers to sign and approve quotations online. Communicate directly with customers via the email gateway and track all negotiations. Set up pricelist rules based on customer conditions.


Track leads, close opportunities, and get accurate sales forecasts for data-based decision-making. Generate leads from emails received and website pages viewed. Design custom dashboards and integrate with Sales to gain an overview of call logs, quotes and invoices sent, and obtain a detailed sales performance matrix.


Sync bank statements in real time for accuracy and convenience. Design professional invoicing templates, automatically create invoices from sales and purchase orders, manage recurring bills, and track payments. Have full control over supplier invoices and quickly get forecasts of bills to be paid. ​


 Manage contracts and agreements, create recurring invoices, and get paid faster. Easily automate price lists and sales margins, and email PDF invoices for quotations issued at the click of a button. Use the status overview to help keep track of drafts, paid and unpaid invoices.

...and for extra support

Take your distribution center a step further, manage customer data, employees, and even eCommerce.
Providing a comprehensive overview of critical operations in any distribution business.​


Effortlessly handle the entire employee payroll process and any associated risks. Calculate and pay taxes, pensions, and any other local government fees. Automatically distribute professional salary slips, every month.


Manage recruitments and receive alerts appraisals, expenses, leaves, and attendance all on one platform. Monitor updates on each department at a glance, and set up viewability permissions for sensitive information to only HR managers. ​

Time Off

Track leave, forecast the distribution of tasks, and create work schedules accordingly. Employees simply submit leave requests and managers are prompted with an email for real-time approval and validation.

Point of Sale

Integrate with Inventory and Ecommerce to view the real-time availability of products to ensure accuracy in sales order management. Register your customers to monitor their buying habits and email them special promotions. Odoo POS is compatible with any device.​


Integrate your eCommerce platform with Inventory and Sales to automate stock updates and sales reporting. Organize customer data, track tickets, and manage claims. Even allow customers to view delivery details and download invoices through a custom customer portal.


Create visually appealing surveys to assess delivery satisfaction, product feedback, employee appraisals, and more. View result charts in real-time and share data instantly with your team. Use survey results to increase productivity, performance, and predictability.


Manage vehicles, contracts, costs, insurance, and assignments in one platform. Odoo's smart app provides a specialized tracking system for company vehicles. Receive a warning email when contracts reach their expiration date, and track the money spent by your warehouse for each fleet.

Why Odoo?


Odoo is highly customizable with extensive localization possibilities. It can be tailor-made and configured to cater to any industry, job function, and business environment.


In comparison to other ERP solutions, Odoo is incredibly affordable. You only pay for the functionalities and applications you have implemented, enabling unapparelled levels of scalability and efficiency.


Odoo applications work well alone and exceptionally together. Store, organize, and manage all your data in one business ecosystem to gain real-time insights between interconnected departments and job functions. 

Optimize and Streamline the   
Operations of your Distribution Center

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