ERP Solution for Business Lead

Gain Control with Automation and Visibility

 Odoo ERP provides in-depth visibility into the operations, workflows, and performance of your organization – from cash flow to manufacturing quality, and customer satisfaction. The seamless execution of all key processes helps you make data-driven decisions faster, from anywhere.

Clear Overview of Operations

Up-to-date Information

Configure dashboards, generate detailed reports, and set up notifications to alert you of significant bottlenecks or successes, instantly obtain information on all aspects of the company.


360-Degree Visibility 

Integrate accounting and invoicing functions, customer management (CRM), manufacturing and distribution components, and real-time sales and marketing updates, to assess performance and gain control. ​

Monitor Trends

Track your pipeline of opportunities with Sales and CRM, identify internal and external trends, monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), evaluate cash flow and expenditure on one platform.

Increase Revenue and Customer Satisfaction 

Improve Customer Experience

Use the help desk and servicing applications to track support tickets, client requests, expenses, working hours, and operational setbacks to improve customer services and enhance satisfaction

Monitor Financials 

Integrate sales, CRM, marketing, financials, and service applications to control costs, track revenue generated from each customer, and monitor opportunities from first contact to client wins

Get Paid Faster

Optimized quotation management, electronic signatures, automated sales order configurations, custom inventory rules, automated POS management, and recurring invoicing help fast track payments

Upselling Strategies

Increase sales with eCommerce configurations and native storefront connectors, and use artificial intelligence to boost revenue. Up-sell and cross-sell on your website, via email campaigns, and even with customer quotations

Go International

Expand into international markets with multicurrency, Multilanguage support, intercompany accounting, and localization capabilities. 

Reduce Operating Costs and Control Expenses 

A Service-Orientated Organization

Configure accounting dashboards, billable timesheets, project performance, and expense reports to help you forecast expenditures and effectively plan for operating and servicing costs.

A Product-Centric 


Specialized manufacturing (MPR), distribution, and inventory applications enable product costing, material planning, production management, scheduling, resource management, and more.

Solve Problems and Overcome Challenges

Monitor Performance

Integrate CRM, sales, inventory, manufacturing, and accounting to effectively track opportunities, monitor performance, solve customer problems, identify issues, assess trends, and forecast expenditures.

Assess Change

Use analytical and business intelligence tools to evaluate changes in customer behavior, project timelines, material management, bank reconciliation, stock controls, resource management, and more.

Enhanced Collaboration

Empower employees to share real-time information, access documents, conduct appraisals, apply for leave, and share best practices using Odoo’s built-in collaboration tools.

Integrated Customer Portal

Increase customer satisfaction and communication with Odoo’s integrated customer portal. Customers can access account information, delivery updates, promotions, and support online.

Why Odoo?

Competitive Edge 

Odoo comprises your customer database, financials, extensive sales management, production controls, and custom servicing functionalities that support you in collecting strategic competitive information and real-time insights for better decision-making. 


Single data model, seamless integrations, streamlined automation, and data sharing across teams and workflows allow for flexible collaboration.   

Real-time Reporting

360-degree access to business flows and operational tools. Strategically guide your business with continuous improvement, assess customer interactions, review cash flow, and obtain proactive business reports at any time and from any location.

Gain Control, Operate Effectively,
 and Manage Business Workflows

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