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Restaurant & 
Bar Point of Sale

Odoo POS offers a smart solution for bars and restaurants to run their operations efficiently. With its intuitive interface, you can manage orders, track tables, and process payments with ease.

Be there for your customers

An interface designed to maximize productivity, improve seating capacity, reduce wait times, and minimize the time you spend at the counter.

Ensure a positive dining experience

Odoo POS's floors and tables manager provides a bird'seye view of your restaurant, allowing you to create a unique visual representation of your restaurant's layout that matches your brand's aesthetic. 

The floor plan enables you to see exactly where your customers are seated, which tables are available, and which orders are still pending. You can assign orders to specific tables, track their status in real-time, and even split bills between customers.

Integrated Inventory Management

Odoo POS also allows you to integrate with Odoo Inventory in order to manage your inventory in realtime, reducing the risk of stockouts and waste.

With inventory management features like batch and expiry date tracking, you can stay on top of your stock levels and ensure the freshness of your ingredients. Furthermore, it is compatible with Odoo eCommerce, so you won't need to set up separate stocks for two apps.

Online or Offline

Process orders, manage inventory, and accept payments without worrying about interruptions or connectivity issues.

Although an internet connection is required to start the point of sale, it will continue to function both online and offline, ensuring that your business operations are not interrupted, even if you lose your internet connection.

Keep in touch with your customers

Track customer information and purchase history, personalize your promotions and offers, and keep your customers engaged and satisfied. 

With features like loyalty programs and gift cards, you can incentivize your customers to return and recommend your business to others. Build a strong brand reputation and drive sales growth with happy and loyal customers

Run your Bar or Restaurant Efficiently

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