Centrics Business Solutions enables process automation 
and increased efficiency for NutriJay Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd

Centrics Business Solutions (Pvt) Ltd provided comprehensive technological support and process automation to NutriJay Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd, a results-driven manufacturer in the Dairy Industry.

The backbone of Sri Lanka’s economy is its MSMEs, which account for 90% of all businesses in the country, provides 45% of employment, and contribute 52% to the nation’s GDP. MSMEs especially benefit from optimizing their operations and streamlining workflows by employing digital transformation and proactive resource planning.

Within the course of three months, Centrics implemented Odoo ERP solutions, to support NutriJay in better managing its manufacturing, supply chain, sales process, franchise operations, and distribution operations.

Digital Transformation & Process Enhancements

Business Challenge

NutriJay was reliant on a series of manual processes and was utilizing tools such as QuickBooks and Microsoft Excel to manage their daily operations and financials. Their process required manual configuration and monitoring, with multiple data handoffs and checks in managing vendors, stocks, and sales accounts. These time-consuming tasks led to inefficiencies in operations management and process workflows as well as the emergence of business workarounds to avoid human error and fiscal delays.

Process Enhancements

The objective was to provide both the management and staff with access to viable and actionable data for improved, real-time decision-making that enabled enhanced account and inventory management. The solution was the implementation of Odoo ERP, explicitly its Accounting, Sales, Invoicing, and Purchasing modules.

Odoo ERP was tailored to deliver custom quotations and invoices, automated approval processes, and data-based vendor profiles. Empowering staff to employ industry best practices and stay up-to-date on financial insights, from automated reminders on receivables to controls on daily petty cash spending, returned goods, returned transfers, credit notes, and more.

“Making the transition from manual to automated processes was undeniably a challenge, Centrics however provided us exemplary consultancy services, after-sales support, and continued training, empowering us with the resources necessary to see the project through to success. Each module is now managed by an administrator who is responsible for its respective operations.” – Mr. Janoth Fernando General Manager, NutriJay.

Real-time dashboard access to actionable financial insights, purchasing management, advanced inventory controls, and sales performance has provided NutriJay with the knowledge to make informed decisions, track customer preferences, and build its resilience to market changes and the rising cost of production - Odoo helps combat this by reducing waste, stationery, and printing costs.

Future Plans

NutriJay aims to scale its business, extend its geographical reach, and optimize its operations to the B2C market. The company intends to launch a franchise operation and will leverage Odoo’s POS module to obtain an overview of outlet performance, order management, and stock controls. NutriJay has also recognized that Odoo’s Manufacturing module can be employed to better plan manufacturing operations, manage equipment effectiveness, define master production schedules, and deliver real-time data on total production output against budgeted valuations.