We have moved to a new office! Centrics keeps growing.

We are very excited to announce that our team has moved into a shiny new location at Level 11, MAGA ONE, No.200, Narahenpita - Nawala Rd, Sri Lanka. Some of you, familiar with our old location, will recognize that this may not be far off from our old office, and you are correct. So why the move?

Space: We are growing, as of 1st January we had a total of 8 employees, and today we’ve almost tripled in number. We soon came to realize our office was slowly starting to run out of space. So, in addition to offering more square footage, vibrant and modern surroundings, and a comfortable atmosphere, the new office allows us all to work and collaborate more effectively in one big space with more meeting and common areas.

Location: Yes, we might not have moved far, but we are no longer the office next to Pan Asia Bank, we now sit on the 11th floor of one of the most exquisite, modern workspaces in Colombo, with a sterling view of the Colombo skyline in all its glory. Not to mention that we are now marginally closer to Colombo’s vivacious nightlife for Friday night socials, every second counts.

The added benefits: It’s a given that this might not have been at the top of the agenda but when deciding on a new space we were all in agreement that a larger kitchen is a welcome addition to the office, especially for those burning the late-night oil on our Swedish, Singaporean, and Australian Odoo implementations. Additionally, we have a lively and modern training room fully set up and ready to go, for the eager minds that seek out continuous learning and development.

As we say goodbye to No. 162, 2/1 Nawala Rd, Nugegoda, we're thrilled to welcome this new chapter at Level 11, MAGA ONE, No.200, Narahenpita - Nawala Rd, that is sure to provide a ton of new opportunities moving forward. Not to mention the fact that we now have a large number of empty desks that need filling, so if you are a recent graduate or experienced professional, then get in touch with us so you can come to the office and have a chat about why we are one of the best companies to work for and what a career in tech could do for you.

About Centrics Business Solutions

Centrics is a Leading Odoo Gold Partner. Centrics stands among the elite 15% of Odoo Gold Partners worldwide, empowering organizations with bold, diverse, and resilient business solutions. We work with clients from across Asia, North America, Scandinavia, and Middle Eastern regions. We have a large pool of Odoo-certified professionals with knowledge in finance, manufacturing, warehouse management, hospitality, and professional services. Centrics works in close collaboration with Odoo Hong Kong to serve our clients with cutting-edge ERP solutions.

Our strength is in delivering innovation and automation via progressive software solutions built on the latest Odoo technology, accommodating business growth and operational excellence. Centrics stands out from the crowd with our bespoke solutions, implementation excellence, functional scalability, and formulation of technological solutions that help our clients succeed while meeting business objectives. Our proven approach, technical frameworks, and operational methodologies ensure your solutions are built to perfection with the synchronization of diverse systems and workflows into one unique ecosystem. For more information, please visit www.centrics.cloud.

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