Odoo HRM: The Best Tool for Integrated Employee Management

You may welcome new employees, list job vacancies, prepare compensation packages, and even say goodbye to employees on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Odoo Human Resources ERP is unique amid other platforms with cutting-edge features that help in optimizing these processes and streamlining tedious manual tasks.

Human resource management is both the backbone and foundation of any business irrespective of the nature of industry, service type, or style of functioning. Manage all information on your employees and their profiles in a centralized platform, employee relations, assess performance, monitor leave requests, oversee the disbursal of salaries, conduct appraisals, and manage all expenses with end-to-end automation and integration with departments such as Finance, Payroll or Sales.

In this article, we will highlight the significance of Odoo ERP for Human Resource Management and the value it brings to the table.

Why Odoo?

Odoo is an open-source ERP allowing developers to customize the system in line with project requirements, essentially accelerating the development process and significantly reducing project costs. Odoo is not only limited to HRM, it can handle all your company’s complex needs, helping you solve complex problems and simple solutions. Its comprehensive, scalable, and closely integrated suite of business applications are fully customizable to solve industry-specific challenges and streamline diverse business functions including sales, CRM, warehouse management, project management, manufacturing, and finance.  The Odoo HRM module is increasingly agile, scalable, and robust, offering intelligent features to enhance HRM process efficiency.

Employee/Workforce Data Management

Odoo HRM facilitates ease and flexibility in managing employees across different several organizational departments. All employee data such as employee profiles, timesheets, leave, and more are centralized in a single system, allowing HR managers to quickly search for employee information and take appropriate action. Odoo also supports Admin-based privileges over the information distribution among HR professionals and other members of the organization. Additionally, pop-up notification for new leave requests request and appraisals makes the internal communication transparent and efficient.

Monitor Time & Attendance

Time/attendance tracking is yet another feature that is critical to effectively running day-to-day human resource operations. Odoo helps you track employees’ working hours, clock-in/ clock-out times, detailed timesheets, work-from-home requests, and leave applications, you can then easily sort the information based on the project, client, tasks, or any other titles. Project managers can assess employee performance by analyzing timesheets and tracking availability. Timesheets could be directly integrated accounting automatically posts real-time reports on time spent on projects and to automate payroll processing.

Leave Application Management

Odoo simplifies and digitizes the tedious process of leave management. It enables employees to apply for leave, compensatory time off, work-from-home, and more via intuitive employee self-service portals. Managers will then be prompted on the request for leave allowing them to decide on whether to approve or refuse the request, a timely notification is then sent to the employee and their calendar is updated automatically.

Streamlined expense management

Odoo allows employees to submit all details of their expenses, along with the scanned receipt. Managers can then validate the expense or reject it with a click of a button. Once approved, expenses are automatically updated in Odoo Accounting.

Performance Monitoring/Employee Evaluation

Regular evaluations of your employees help drive the motivational process, bringing bring benefits for your employees as well as for your business. Odoo provides a series of metrics and indicators to evaluate employee performance, essentially improving the appraisal processes by delivering fair evaluation methods based on real-time data.

Recruitment and Onboarding

Odoo facilitates easy career postings and management of your applicant pipeline, enabling HR teams to post job openings in just a few clicks, and also keeps track of submitted applications. Odoo also supports you in filtering out the eligible candidates for the given job profile, all that’s left is for your HR reps to schedule interviews and easily manage assessments and interviews.

Payroll and Payment Management

Payroll management is indeed a tedious task, it can take many hours, and the slightest error could call catastrophe. Odoo Payroll enables you to set up salary rules to categories of employees and calculate data such as allowances, net, taxes, and contribution registers. Odoo ensures zero errors in calculations, quick tracking of inconsistent data, and secure management of employee resources. Once all calculations are complete, pay slips can be created and validated before being processed by Odoo Accounting.

Wrapping Up

As your company continues to achieve its goals and scale up, it is more than likely it would need to improve its workforce management. HRM is no longer limited to recruitment and onboarding, today there are a lot more factors and moving parts to take into consideration, even more so if you manage a team of remote employees. Odoo HRM helps in ensuring your business takes on a proactive nature with managing HR activities, whilst reducing operational inefficiencies that may impact the performance of both the employee and the business.

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