Introducing Centrics New Brand Identity

Big news! We are happy to announce to you the launch of our new Centrics logo as part of the ongoing evolution of our company’s brand. 

After an enthralling journey over the last two years, we’re releasing an updated brand identity, we have modernized our logo with radiant colors, and quirky fonts. We believe the new look better matches what we’ve become since 2020, and with a growing team of passionate and diverse employees, the scale of our service offering has significantly transformed, and so, the moment has come to accurately portray our brand identity to the world, our proven methodology to client success, and to symbolize our dynamic future. 

A small team inside the company conducted multiple creativity sessions and has chosen a new logo that boasts partnership and elegance, representing a global approach to our solutions methodology. It embodies our mission to help businesses succeed with digital transformation and centralized business processes via resilient Odoo implementation, integration, automation, and operational excellence. 


Fresh New Look 

Our design goals were to better match our values, continued orientation for growth, portray our personality, and embody our longstanding partnership with Odoo. We worked to create something that communicated a modern elegance that spoke for Centrics’s agile, innovative, flexible, and dynamic nature. We brought focus to eloquent perfection with a more modern look that delivers on the perception of excellent quality, performance, and service support across the solutions we provide, whilst ensuring we remain true to our longstanding reputation, stakeholder satisfaction, and proactive approach to the current pace of technology evolution.  


The “C” as you may have already suspected represents the company name, it’s stylized to appear friendly, vibrant, and welcoming, while its curved angles send a positive, emotional message of commitment and community. The full circle you see is a representation of business continuity and our 360-degree approach to innovation, collaboration, and excellence in solutions, signifying a sense of integrity and perfection. Whilst, the simpler, innovative font selection for “centrics” symbolizes our desire to simplify centralization, process optimization, and tailored services. 

Centric’s new logo flaunts two brand colors, gradients of purple and navy blue. Proud as we are of our rich history and deep roots, we have retained the blue and added the new color component of purple to represent our partnership with Odoo. Purple combines the calm stability of blue, and together these colors are symbolic of ambition, devotion, trust, technological advancement, and security, as we strive to stay committed to passionately supporting our clients and remaining humble before the brand. 

Corporate Website Makeover 

In addition to announcing our new brand identity, we are thrilled to give our corporate website a makeover. The new site delivers rich new content in a contemporary design and organized layout, featuring easier navigation, and better functionality, to present visitors with easy access to our solution information, highlight the latest innovations in custom ERP solutions, modern frameworks, and integrated design.  

The new logo and brand identity effectively reflect the bold, resilient, energetic, and forward-thinking culture of Centrics. It is implemented with the intent to inspire, ideate, and elevate us as we continue to provide best-in-class ERP solutions to the global market. 


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