Centrics Business Solutions is Officially an Odoo Gold Partner

Centrics is a longstanding partner of Odoo. This prestigious accreditation puts Centrics among the elite 15% of Odoo Partners worldwide, this is a testament to our continued competence in the development, implementation, integration, and support of Odoo technologies across diverse business verticals.

Established in 2020, Centrics Business Solutions quickly found success with Odoo, emerging as an elite Gold partner in two short years. Centrics discovered and embarked upon Odoo’s tremendous potential speaking to its robust functionality, scalability, automation, and digitization, striking the right balance between various departments and thousands of specialized Odoo applications that regulates every aspect of business management via a single software solution.

Odoo is a business solution that is complex, without being complicated. This unique ERP system hosts a range of easy-to-use business applications that together form a complete suite of tools, critical to the operations of any business, across any industry.

Mr. Arjuna Pathirana Director at Centrics explained the significance of this milestone, “Centrics Business Solutions takes pride in being an official Odoo Gold Partner. Centrics is enriched and strengthened with knowledge across various Odoo versions and diverse business verticals. We are consistent in process optimizations, accuracy, and reliability of Odoo consultation, customization, and implementation services, which is a testament to the longstanding partnerships with clients from across the globe.”

What does Odoo Gold Partner entail?

A professional Odoo partner conducts an in-depth study of the business and its operations to identify areas for improvement, subsequently, they will oversee the development and implementation of the Odoo platform in alignment with unique business requirements.

Odoo Gold Partner is the highest level of the partnership hierarchy.

Odoo Gold Partner has the authority to implement and customize the Odoo platform. Additionally, Gold Partners has the right to provide licenses, propose annual upgrades, and publish apps/modules in the Odoo App Store. Proven methodology, sustainable best practices, and standardized procedures enable Odoo Golden Partners in delivering custom solutions catered to add value to varying business needs and industry verticals.

What sets us apart?

 Competent: We believe in an innovative future, we continually invest in our people, develop new processes, are knowledgeable across diverse business verticals, and stay up to date with modern technologies to fulfill our promise to our clients.

 Trustworthy: We help our clients reduce or eliminate risk by designing intuitive architecture solutions that deliver new business value and streamline processes, enabling excellent quality, on time, and on budget.

 Reliable: We stand by our word, values, and principles. We are reliable, consistent, and transparent as we embrace and drive constructive change with our clients and partners.

 Continued Support: Our clients’ interests are our utmost priority. We work to deliver results both during and after project completion, ensuring a beneficial balance through ethical policies and operational practices for our customers, employees, shareholders, and community.

 Why choose Centrics Business Solutions?

 We are motivated by curiosity, innovation, and learning. We work with passion in building and implementing revolutionary business solutions empowered by automation, integration, and driven by acclaimed technology solutions. Our team of forward-thinkers brings energy and optimism to the table, we encourage change through digitization, and we strive to establish business success with a healthy return on investment.

 Our partnership with Odoo, and robust implementation and development services enable us to help organizations succeed with digital transformation and centralized business processes. We guarantee best-in-class service on any project.

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